Re-entry Program

The Appellate Advocates Re-entry Program helps connect clients who are being released from prison with the resources and support they need to get settled and re-join their communities. 
The goal of the program is to work with each client to make sure his or her return to the community is successful and to prevent future contacts with the criminal justice system.
We work with clients on an individual basis and tailor our resources in order to meet their needs and goals.  We assist clients with applying for transitional housing, obtaining clothing, writing resumes to look for work, preparing for job interviews, applying for and obtaining public assistance, and enrolling in educational programs.
If we cannot give an individual the help he or she needs, we will use our contacts with other agencies to make a proper referral and act as the individual's advocate, if needed.  If a referral does not work out, we will continue to look for a resource or service that does.  
In addition to providing assistance with finding and accessing other resources, we welcome each client to come in on a weekly basis for supportive counseling as he or she adjusts to life on the outside.