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Court of Appeals Leave Grants

Leave Granted: Court of Appeals to Review Sufficiency of Evidence in Manslaughter Conviction


In May 2013, the Appellate Division reduced Mr. Scott's sentence by eight years, but otherwise affirmed his conviction for first-degree manslaughter and attempted first-degree assault.

Now, Judge Rivera granted Mr. Scott leave to appeal People v. Hakim B. Scott to the Court of Appeals.  The case raises two issues:

1.Was there sufficient evidence that Mr. Scott aided and abetted in a manslaughter when he did not cause the victim’s death?  

2. Was it error for the court to issue a supplemental jury instruction correcting the date of the alleged crime while Mr. Scott and his lawyer were out of the courtroom? 

Steve Bernhard briefed and argued the case in the Appellate Division and will continue to represent Mr. Scott before the Court of Appeals.