The Appellate Advocates Organization

Appellate Advocates is a not-for-profit public defender organization formed in 1995 solely for the purpose of providing high quality appellate representation to criminal defendants who cannot afford private counsel. We have a contract with New York City to provide representation for indigent defendants who are appealing criminal convictions from the Supreme Court in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. We are assigned to appeals by the Appellate Division, Second Department, and by the Court of Appeals. We handle only the cases assigned to us by the courts. We are not able to represent or advise people whose cases are not officially assigned to us.

Our caseload consists overwhelmingly of serious felonies, including homicides, robberies, burglaries, assaults, and drug and sex crimes. A group of 28 attorneys, as well as our paralegal and other support staff, make certain that our clients obtain the best possible representation on appeal and in related proceedings.

Our 6-person management team has a combined experience of well over 150 years of representing indigent criminal defendants on appeal, and well over 100 years of supervising and managing the provision of high quality appellate representation to indigent defendants convicted in New York City. Our 22 staff attorneys are all admitted to practice in New York, in good standing, experienced in both criminal and appellate law, and dedicated to providing high quality and timely representation to every client.

We have careful supervisory and case management systems to make certain every client is well served. An accredited New York Continuing Legal Education provider since 1999, we provide extensive training, continuing legal education programs, and other resources to our staff to make certain their legal knowledge is up-to-date. In addition to a hard-copy library in our office, every attorney has extensive computerized research resources available at his or her desk. Every brief we file undergoes a thorough supervisory process to provide an additional guarantee that our clients receive the best possible representation.

In short, we take every possible step to make certain that our clients receive high quality, thorough, and timely appellate representation.